1. Promoting your online store on Squidoo

    Have an online store? Haven’t checked out Squidoo?

    Online Stores and Lenses - promoting your store on Squidoo

  2. iStockphoto API released

    iStockphoto, a great source of stock photos and web icons has released the iStockphoto API. This provides access to iStockphoto’s search capabilities, file download, and functionality for contributors to manage and add to their portfolio.

    Access is currently restricted to members who have had iStockphoto accounts for 3 months or more. There is also an application process for access to the API.

    More Information at iStockphoto: Forum Post on API release

  3. osCommerce Watching + some Squidoo

    Fi has been busy this year updating osCommerce Watch, creating new osCommerce documentation in our continuing series - Attitude’s Simple osCommerce Guides - and producing the first two editions of the osCommerce Watch Newsletter.

    For more on osCommerce check out these lenses at Squidoo:
    4 osCommerce Contributions you should know about covers what an osCommerce contribution is and four that fulfil useful functions in pretty much any store.
    What is osCommerce? is self explanatory reallly!

    While you are at it, check out this lens on iStockphoto, Finding photos for your website, which has tips and information on a great source of affordable images for your website.

  4. google ranking factors

    Worth a look …

    Google Ranking Factors
    Cheat sheet of factors that are supposed to influence Google rankings. No information on weighting of factors. This information changes over time - so check the date of the last update.

    Also interesting …
    “Roll your own search engine” - personalised search tool. Create lists of relevant sites to search.

  5. Yahoo PHP Developer Center

    Yahoo Lays Out Welcome Mat For PHP Devs

    Yahoo PHP Developer Center has some good information on integration with their web services and general links to PHP resources.

    Yahoo employs Rasmus Lerdorf, the original creator of PHP.