1. Online Stores New Zealand

    Currently in a testing phase, StoreList.biz New Zealand will allow New Zealand store owners to register their store and feature selected products in a browsable and searchable directory.

    Create an account and signup for our newsletter to be informed when the site is allowing stores to be added.

    StoreList.biz New Zealand - Online Stores New Zealand

    The directory will be expanded beyond New Zealand stores in the near future.

  2. Diary of A Webmaster Part 4 - Backing Up With MySQLDump

    Nice article at Sitepoint.com on easy ways to backup your MySQL databases.

    Diary of A Webmaster Part 4 - Backing Up With MySQLDump

  3. Simplified Security and all about Phishing

    Simplified Security

    25 practical tips to help companies implement security.

    Field Guide to Phishing from MailFrontier.com

    In their words:

    … clear, concise explanations and visual
    representations of sneaky, dangerous phish that may find their way to your computer. To help you identify
    these nasty threats

  4. Domain Name Idea Tool

    DomainsBot - Ideas Into Names

    Great tool to find a .com, .net, .org, .info, or .biz domain name. It basically creates a large number of variations based on synonyms, gives alot of control over what is returned, and checks the availability of the domains.

    In beta, but already a great tool.

    If you want to check for a .nz name try this tool …

    New Zealand Domain Name Search

  5. Faster and Cheaper New Zealand Internet

    Internet faster, cheaper by Xmas

    Article on Commerce Commission rulings related to increased competition among ISPs for Broadband offerings.